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Friends Only... from now on [
December 31st, 2006 • 1:27pm
[ mood | giddy ]

I really hate doing this. But I just wanna know who is reading this nonesense junk that I write. So leave me a comment, and you shall be added ♥


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one last update.. [
July 27th, 2006 • 8:16pm
[ mood | worried ]

well, it seems to be, that this WILL be my last update, ever. (unless, of course, something major in my life happens, like i drop out of school, and become a loser, and tell you all about it.. but i doubt that)
.. So I basically wanted to just tell everyone Ciao! If you are deeply saddened by this (lol).. there are MANY ways to get in contact with me, which I would love for all of you to do..

aim : littlestnini
http://www.myspace.com/staceyjo (which im not on much anymore, but i do check every frew days)
http://wvu.facebook.com/profile.php?id=25826676 ( the BEST way to contact me, if you have one. Facebook has taken over my busy life haha)
or the good ole email :
santonin@mix.wvu.edu (my new school email, which i check like, every 5 minutes)

I officially move and start college in 20 days. (*SQUEE*) which I am so excited about. (if you couldnt tell haha). I can't wait to live on my own, in a new place and expierence life for the first time. Im so ready to start this chapter in my life... its gonna be so great.

yeah, so basically, it was nice knowing you guys and reading about your day to day lives. Sadly, I wont have the time to read about them anymore, I'll be too busy, studying to be a Sports Psychologist!! WOOO, plus, STACEY has some new , HOT boys in her life, which finally, something turned out for the good! I LOVE dating. haha.. anyways

Thanks for the great memories, and I hope for the best for all of you!

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March 23rd, 2006 • 6:18pm
... okay.. two main things are going on today.. first..

GO WVU!!!!
sweet sixteen! Elite 8.. here we come!!
...my shirt that i made last night... and wore to school today!! <3

also.. its..

patrick beileins birthday!!! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!, you sexy beast.

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so i changed my layout... [
March 4th, 2006 • 10:36pm
woah.. another update.. in just a few weeks? this is somekind of miracle really.

anyways, i just wanted to update you guys and say, I CHANGED MY LAYOUT.

its now WVU.. so comment and let me know whattt you think! <3
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merry christmas!! [
December 25th, 2005 • 12:39pm
[ mood | ecstatic ]

okay first:


i'm  just now getting to writing out Christmas cards (Mal, Becac and Meg. haah <3). Wow i'm so late. Better late then never right?

Secondly, i finally got a digital camera!!!! I'm SOOO excited. So, if anybody would like me to make them a sign.. just reply :)

I got a Fuji camera (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp;jsessionid=QKLGMCQ04SX4DKC4D3JVAFI?skuId=7022198&type=product&productCategoryId=pcmcat44100050010&id=1099394286643)

ooh and the Lost dvd (finally... I KNOW!) I'm so excited though. I had a great Christmas, hope you guys did too!

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November 25th, 2005 • 11:37pm

ooh yeah.. i'm 18 which means # great things:

1) I can by porn
2) Get a American Eagle credit card lol
3) Play the lottery (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)
4) Vote
5) and get into Genes... LEGALLY!!!!

oooh yeah. I'm sooo pumped! I'm actually an adult. which is scarry!!

Ooh and thank you SO much Meg.. for making me this:

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wow... im not dead. honest [
October 1st, 2005 • 1:31pm
i know what your thinking. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO STACEY??! lol

My last update was August 13th. I just havent really been in the mood to update. Senior year and volleyball is really taking a toll on me. I have so many responsibilities now. Which totally sucks. Who knew life could be this hard.

Not much really has changed in my life since August honest. I have realized who my friends are.. and that I *actually* going to miss them when I graduate. As much as I really want to leave this place.. I know I just won't be able to leave them behind. I haven't even thought of, or talked to "semi-crush" since a few days before he left for school... and I'm happy with that. (He has really long hair, and a like gay beard now). Thank god thats out of my life.

I still need to send in my application for WVU. I'm scared to know the outcome. A rep from WVU is coming to our school Oct. 18 .. and I could find out THAT day if I'm accepted or not. If I dont get accepted.. I don't have back up plan. I don't have a back up school that I want to go to. Nothing. I better get accepted.. or I'll have to rethink my options. :\

I updated my layout. Its a new change. It features nobody... just my name.. something simple.. for my simple life. I dont need to confusion.. or complicating... or loud things in my life right now.. and my livejournal layout is going to reflect that, no matter how stupid that sounds.

Anywho.. i'm tired. I still feel like I haven't update you on my life.. and i know I haven't. Here's a few links to see more updates.

stacey's PICTURES!!
stacey's MYSPACE!!
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because I'm that obsessed. [
June 8th, 2005 • 12:31am
[mood | naughty NAUGHTY ]
[music | Relient K - Be My Escape ]

New layout, of Life as a House (aka, my mood theme, and icon). I freaking love this movie, and well, Hayden is awesome in it.

Leave me comment, let me know what you think ♥

ooh and my thoughts go to Andrew McMahon, lead singer of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. He's been diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. Get better soon. ♥
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April 16th, 2005 • 3:35pm
[ mood | excited ]

Going to Morgantown for another eventful weekend.

Meg, I'm sorry we havent talked in , seems like forever. Ill be back early Sunday. <3


Ill update when I get back kids.

<3 stacey

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new layout!! [
March 27th, 2005 • 10:36pm
[ mood | silly ]

YES another new layout. This time, its the Mountaineers. Your probably thinking WTF? and I know. But If your not an 'EER's fan, than you probably wouldnt appreciate it as much as we do. But its a big deal around here. lol.

But let me know what you think, if you dont like it, deal with it. It will probably be up for awhile, being that there hot. Also, notice my new icon... Patrick Beilein, yummy isnt he? Thought so.

I'll have a real update.. sometime. Whenever I'm not lazy.

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It's not easy to falll in love. <3 [
February 19th, 2005 • 3:05pm
[ mood | bored ]

New Layout: Alright, so I change the layout, to Ryan Gosling. I love that picture so much, I just couldnt pass it up. The song.. "Easy (Like Sunday Morning)", yeah you should download that, good song. Any version is good, Lionel Richie, The Commandors, or Faith No More. <3

Not much has been going on really. I spent my Friday night, with Leslie at the Jr. High dance. Yeah. JR. HIGH DANCE. She was asked to help pass out drinks and food, so she asked me to help her. It was fun, looking at all the 12 year old sluts. Wow, I never dressed like that when I was younger. Kids these days. It wasn't so bad. I got to hang out with Leslie for a few hours, so that was fun. I took pictures, just so we have proof that we actually did that. I need to get them developed, and I'll scan them.

Thursday, KDKA (the Pittsburgh news station people) came to our school, to give an award to the twins. It was pretty cool. I dressed in blue and gold, to show my school spirit (ha). Maybe I'll be on tv!! lol. Wouldnt that be just awesome? Didn't think so.

Basketball is finally over. No more scorekeeping. Woo! Now softball is coming up, this week I think. I'm not looking forward to running everyday, but eh, let's hope its not too bad.  Everyone is exciting im playing, specially the boys in my grade.. they told me they used to call me scoop, because I scooped up all the balls. I didnt know I was so good. lol

Okay, enough of the nonsense and pointless entry. I think I'm gonna sit here, and just stare at Ryan, for a few 2 hours or so. <3

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Where do you go when your lonley? [
February 15th, 2005 • 7:08pm
[ mood | tired ]

Is it summer yet?

I am so sick of this cold then warm.. then SNOW weather. Can't it make up its mind? Speaking of summer, look what I bought, or well my mom bought me, just in time for summer. The whole searching for "designer inspired" on Ebay, is just awesome.

I wear my sunglasses at nightCollapse )

Including shipping, it came to like $6.00. I already payed for them, so hopefully they will be coming in the mail soon.

I finally finished all my source cards for my senior project (on The Beatles <3). All 25 of them. I'm so sick of doing this already, we only have about 4 more weeks left this year on the project, then the first half of next year. Joy. Damn you Pennsylvania and your stupid graduating requirements. I am learning alot that I never knew, and thats really on the good part, now I just got to "interview" Angie's mom, and then I'll be good.

Tomorrow, I have to miss Lost. [:(] Sad I know. The boys have a playoff game, like 1 1/2 away, and the game doesnt start till 8. Which means, we wont be home until like 11:30 or 12:00. Yeah, that sucks. Hopefully we'll like lose, so I wont have to do any more traveling, but then again, were the top team, and were playing the lowest team. >:(

Okay, enough blabbling. I have to go record Remember The Titans (Ryan Gosling <3), and then Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill is coming on.

Shameless Pimp: MY SPACE !!!

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Motown.. word up. [
February 13th, 2005 • 7:50pm
[ mood | creative ]

So, what a weekend. Lets recap, shall we?

Friday- Went to school. Came home, didn't do a damn thing. I think I sat here, and talked to Meg. Ooh yeah, and I downloaded Notebook, as I previously mentioned. My Ryan Gosling obsession has one again resurfaced, and I'm obsessed with the man, again. I'm glad. Wow he's just yeah. I know what my next layout subject will be of.

Saturday- I woke up at like 12:30-1, only because my sister called, wanting to know if I wanted to come down. OF COURSE I did. So I called Scotty, and since he's like wrapped around my finger, he said he would drive all the way from West Virginia, like 30 mins, to come get me, and bring to me Morgantown. What a doll <3. Anyways, so me and Jamie hung out for a bit. Went across the street to Genes bar, saw Bill, and met some new people. Met Josh, who is gay, but is my new love. He wears $2500 Gucci shoes, and has 2 Harry Winston (cant spell) diamond earrings. I'm such a label whore, and at this point, I dont care.

Umm what else did I do? Um hung out with my sister mostly. Like at 12, we went over the Genes, Bill was over there, and another gay Josh was coming down. He's so great. Why do they always have to be gay? Anyways, we hung out there, till 2am, when the bars have to close. Bill and Josh, drunk off there asses, wanted to go Eat and Park.(More like Eat and Puke). So I was the sober one, and drove them around. I hate Eat and Pukes food.. its just bleh, so gross. So we hung out there for awhile. Yeah

Thats really all that I remember. There was more that happened, I'm sure, but my bad memory isnt working in my favor at the moment. Anywho.. I'll leave you with my "oh so exciting" weekend. Yeah.

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February 11th, 2005 • 8:54pm
[ mood | bored ]

The last few days seem to have dragged on for like ages. I think I was just wishing for Friday, since Monday.

I came to realize, I need to associate myself with new people. I'm tired talking to my same group, every class period, every day, every night. I hang out with the same people, and that kinda gets boring. Tomorrow I'm going to Morgantown to visit my sister, so hopefully if we go out, I'll meet new people, lets hope.

The Notebook came out Tuesday, and I have yet to go get it. I know, I'm a terrible Ryan Gosling fan. The man is naked in the movie for god's sake, I should have rushed out and got it. I have all of his other movies (and yes he's nakie in most of them too), but it's such a pain driving to Wal-mart, 30 minutes away, just to buy a darn dvd. I can't wait till they build this new Wal-mart in my freaking county, atleast thats 15 minutes closer.

I took a picture of myself today, at my moms shop, while I was waiting for her to close.
yeah, I was boredCollapse )

I was a bad, BAD girl, so I'm currently downloading The Notebook. I no, thats bad, but It's all for Ryan, and his sexy body. lol. Plus I plan on buying the dvd, so thats not bad, right? Yeah, this movie is awesome, Im about an hour in, and I'm already in love <3


what a beautiful mannCollapse )

Okay, my teeny bopper moment is over, back to the movie!! Peace.



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February 7th, 2005 • 9:57pm
[ mood | tired ]

Yeah, so as I'm writing this, I'm under pressure. Meg won't sleep till I finish it, and I can't keep her up late. ha.

So yeah, I need a cell phone desperately... because when boys like this:

oooh hey cutie ;)Collapse )

want to put your number in their cell, and you have to give him your HOUSE phone, your kinda lame. Either way, he's hot, and I'm inlove (not to mention he's got a great ass, and he knows it. lol) So, maybe I can talk my mommy into adding an addition onto hers. Yeah, like that would happen.

I signed up for the SAT's which, I'm scurred to take. They've always scared me, and now I really have to take them, and my future of whether or not I get into WVU (West Virginia University) all comes down to it. I know WVU is really easy to get into, but I need a good score, to look good for the business major. Eek.

I really dont have alot to say.. except boys really suck, major ass. Me & Meg decided we are going to date men like this:
droolCollapse )
most because they are WAY better than ours. ha.

I have to get to bed early, because tomorrow, I have to get my picture taken for a PLAQUE. Yeah, since Im the score keeper and were tied for first in the section, I get to be cool for a day. Eh w.e, it gives me a reason to wear a skirt tomorrow, and look shexay. LMAO. Yeah. Now if only the semi-crush went to my school. Asshole.

<3 Stacey



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and she said.. boys lie, like the rug under my feet [
February 5th, 2005 • 3:51pm
[ mood | curious ]

Woo so a update on Stacey's life? There really isnt any. Lets see..

Yesterday, during school, i got new clothes. lol. Okay, well 2 tshirts, one for scorekeeping, and for being a scholar athlete! Yeah, go me. The vice principle/softball came up to me, and practically begged me to play softball. Yeah, I told him I would think about it, but later that night, at the boys game, he came up to me, and asked me again, and then bascially told me I was playing. So I guess Stacey's playing softball again. Hopefully it will keep my mind of things. :-\

Yeah, Last night was the boys last home game, or game period(until playoffs).  Which I hope we don't go far into. Because, I'm tired of scorekeeping all the time. Before the game, I got to see my lovlies.. Angie and Miranda. We caught up on volleyball crap, and softball. Those girls are the best ;D Vball next year will definately be a blast with them. Specially with me being the senior, and I can boss them around. lol Whore.

I decided I REALLY need a car. We have 3 cars, to share between 5 people in this family. And well being the youngest, I get the last digs on the car. and well the boys go out EVERYNIGHT, so I never have a car. What fun is that. I wanted to go out last night, after the game.. but nooo, I didnt have a car.  I so need a job.. or money.. or something. Maybe I can hit the lottery? Yeah, thats not in my favor.

Enough of my random ramblings, I'm extremely bored, all dressed up, and nowhere to go.

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old habits die hard.. [
February 4th, 2005 • 10:26pm
[ mood | pessimistic ]

[01] Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
[02] I will then tell you what song/BAND reminds me of you.
[03] Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.
[04] Last, I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
[05] Put this in your journal.

Even if I dont know you that well, still comment ;)

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Nat. Commenting day.. [
January 31st, 2005 • 6:42pm
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Stole this from linz_lou  ...

Imagine a day where everyone made the effort to comment on at least 15 LJ entries, posts that they were normally just too scared, or shy, or busy to bother with normally. Think of how fun that would be, of how good all the comments in your mailbox would feel.

So making somebodies day.. and get to it :D

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A Dry Spell [
January 30th, 2005 • 7:33pm
[ mood | worried ]

Okay, so I went back, and deleted about 20-25 old entries, mostly ones that had broken images, or were just pointless. So yeah. Fun.

Why a dry spell? Haven't talked to the semi-crush all weekend. Weird I know, we usually dont go like a day without having atleast one stupid conversation. *waits patiently for his im* ha. I'm so lame.

Last night.. hrm.. my sister came home yesterday. I haven't seen her in to weeks. She needed to get some stuff, so I went back with her. We hung out at Genes most of the night. Got to see everybody. I did get to meet this guy Mark, from England. His accent is so thick, its hard to understand him, but he's freaking hilarious. I've never met an english person before, so that was awesome. However the smoke was getting to me, and I kinda started to get sick, so I wasn't in the best mood, and kept quiet most of the night. Everybody was weirded out that I didnt have anything to say. I did get to watch Dazed and Confused, with a YOUNG Ben Affleck, and Matthew McCoun-something. I cant spell it, but yeah, that movie is hilarious.

I've been listening to rap, for about 2 weeks straight now. Why? I don't know. Mostly thanks to the semi-crush. Before when I was in my punk phase, I was kinda down, depressed, lonely. But now that I know somebodys there, I'm more lively, in good moods, and jolly. Rap is upbeat, fun, and wild, and puts me in a good mood. Call me a hipocrit if you'd like, but I still dont listen to the degrading women rap. Flippin Jerks.

Also, my best friend Angie is in the ER. Theres something wrong with her stomach, and nobody's been able to contact her, but we have talked to her dad, and she is okay. I wub you Gigi. <3

Yes, another pointless entry, but yeah. I just kinda need to vent/rant w.e Thx for listening. ha.

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They call me big S.A. [
January 29th, 2005 • 12:30am
[ mood | cold ]

Hrm.. yesterday, me and Angie drove to California (not the state :P) to go to this restuarant.. A 30 min. drive, just for some food. But wow this place is GOOD. And California, just HAPPENS to be where the "semi-crush" is from. haha, we asked him to go, but he already ate, and was to lazy to drive downtown to go. W.e. We ended up driving around, until like 9:30. Bascially doing nothing, but jamming, and looking at random hot guys. Typical day.

The day started out great. I got up at 6:45am, to find out, we have a 2 hour delay, so I went back to sleep, till 8:45, forced myself to get up, and throw some clothes on. I didn't do alot in school today.  Actually come to think of it, I didnt do anything till last period, English, I had a 50 word vocab test, which I did, eh okay on. Got our report cards to. Only to B's.. History and Trig, like always. For lunch, we had "tacos" with what they call "meat" .. umm.. thats not meat, I'm not sure what it is, but it's not even close to meat. I just drank some agua.

After school, I got on the computer.. um, the "semi-crush" msged me right away (thats a good sign right?), and asked how the food was. I told him, he turned me black, I've been listening to rap all week, so he told me I just scored some points on his list. (**screams like a stupid little fangirl**) Gah. Staceys like in love, and thats bad. <3

Had a game tonight, which I was flipping mad, because I did have to score keep, I might of gone out with the "semi-crush" since he didn't have a basketball game. DAMMIT. Ooh well, I'm going to his senior night, on Tuesday (hopefully.. if Angie isnt gay, and will go with me). So. *double squeal*

Im done with my ramblings, I just had to let that out, (along with the fart I just passed). I'm just the happest person ever. :D

Just call me big S.A. ;) - Stacey.

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Thanks Alot.. >:| [
January 26th, 2005 • 8:09pm
[ mood | sick ]

So, yesterday, was probably one of my favorite days, of my entire life, well sorta. Started off like any other day, wake up a little late, get dress for school, go to school come home. I come home to find out, that our DSL isn't working. We can't get connect at all, although everything is lit up, and saying it should work. We called the DSL people, and they have no clue whats wrong. So I went all day without internet, thought I was going to die.

I had a game to score keep at, so I got a shower, got dress, yadda yadda. I kinda lied to the other score keeper, saying Hey, Ill be late, I have a dentist appointment tonight" well in all actuallity, I went to another basketball game, to see my "semi-crush" as I like to call him. Which, turned out to be awesome. I only got to stay for about an hour, but as soon as I came in, he came over and gave me a hug. We've only actually talked in person a few times, and never made "bodily contact" before, so I was one giddy girl the whole night. I had to leave, to go back to my game, before the Varsity game started, but I was all smiles. Yeah, that just made my month, you have no idea lol

But the bastard was sick. Which now I'm sick. >:( Damn him, but its well worth it. I didnt go to school today. It was the most boring day of my life. I had no internet, and not a damn thing was on tv. I watched "What A Girl Wants" (yum Oliver James), The Lizzie Mcguire Movie, and Spice World.. lol, HBO and STARZ show the crappiest movies during the day.

My mom brought home the laptop, which I'm on now, so I could hook it up and get on the internet. I never realized how much I despise Dial-up, but it will do. As soon as I got on, the "semi-crush" msged me, and we talked for awhile, so that made my feel so much better.

Gah, boys, sometimes you hate them, sometimes you love them. And when they have the most blue-ist eyes I have ever seen in person, you just want them. Ah <3.

Well I'm going to go, because I have 42843 emails to get caught up on, and livejournal updates to read.
Leave me some messages.. and if you got the time..Go to this link, and look at my best friend Leslie.. wasnt she adorable when she was younger? lol  http://img176.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img176&image=lastscan0jm.jpg , i just love her <3


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New Layout [
January 22nd, 2005 • 6:45pm
[ mood | bored ]

I finally got around to make a new layout. I was going to change the code and stuff around, to have a completely different look, but lazy-ness consumed me, and I just went with the usual. I've never done dark colors like this before, but it turned out pretty good.

Let me know what you think, and thanks everybody for your suggestions!

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January 17th, 2005 • 11:29pm
[ mood | thirsty ]

So, Its been a LONG weekend for me. I got up early on Saturday, to make a trip to good 'ole Morgantown, West Virginia, to move my sister. What fun, it was freezing, snowing, and I had tons of crap to carry. We did only make on trip, early on, because we got lazy, and the Steelers were coming on (woo Big Ben <3) Anways, so we went back out, that Sat. night, back to Morgantown, after the game, and went to Keglers, for her friends, "Quitting there jobs" party. We had to wait for the bouncer to leave the door, so I could get in, since well, im 17, but it was before 9, so it shouldnt of been a problem.

My friend Scotty works at this bar, which is basically a gambling bar, thats well 21 and over, he really wanted us to come over, so after his boss left for the night, and we went over. I'm such a law breaker, but shh, dont tell anybody ;)

Sunday, we, you guessed it, drove to morgantown, with more junk, dropped it off, made Scotty bring his truck and my sisters friend, and come back to Pa, with us, so we can take her bed. I'm so sick of car rides, there not fun anymore lol we made a few trips, and I stayed at my sisters place. We hung out, watched Harold and Kumar (hilarious.f-ing.movie) and watched some tv.

Finally came home this morning, since no school today. Bascially just layed around, and sat on the computer all day, catching up. We have a two hour delay tomorrow, so I'm staying up late, and sleeping in! Woo, plus no 2nd, or 3rd period.  Ooh and Im in the process of making a new layout, I have layout-block, so it might take a few days.

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yup yup [
January 12th, 2005 • 3:31pm
[ mood | groggy ]

Not much to update about.. but took this age thing, (which I got from somebody on my friends page) says i act 23, and I'm actually only 17. Pretty neat I guess?

wow stacey, your oldCollapse )

okay, I'll probably update later this week, or maybe this weekend? Its going to be a long weekend.
My sister, whom is which one of my best friends, is moving out this weekend, and I'm gonna help her. It will be a sad sad day, I'll miss my sissy. Lol, shes 25, its her time, but still. <3

© Stacey

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January 8th, 2005 • 10:54pm
[ mood | sad ]

Wow, where I have been? Honestly, I really don't know myself. Okay, so lets start off from the beginning..

I hope everyone's New Year went good, and is still going good. It's already 8 days in, and it's already going wayyy to fast. .. Hrm.. what else has happened? Not much, honestly, I have a very, boring life...

Ooh Thursday night, my body decided to get sick, and I woke up at 3:30 am, and around 4:30, the puking began. (lol). I had some sickness, that I threw up, every hour, for 12 hours. I lost 5 lbs (which is half of my new year resolution thingy..) but I've got a terrible headache, and couldn't walk for 2 days. I pulled all the muscles in my stomach, and neck, so laughing, and coughing, are out of the question. I haven't eatin in TWO days, but I finally just went out to eat, and I think my stomach like scrunk, normally I could eat a cow (err, well, I dont eat cows, but you get my point), since I have high metabolism, but I couldnt even finish my salad. Justtt great.

I'm keeping it short, mostly because I'm tired, and feel like I'm going to pass out. Just thought I would let you guys know, that I am still alive :)

<3 Stacey

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